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Date Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 8:00am - 5:00pm
Duration   9h


Registration fee: $25/person (max 5 p/company) 
Includes lunch - provided on site
Please register with Susan Griffith by  Friday, February 15th
via phone 208-577-2284 or email 
Please include name, company name,
Phone number and language preference


8-10:00 IRRIGATION BASICS w/ Brett Miller, Hunter Industries

Learn how to maximize the gallons and pressure through efficient design and understanding basic
hydraulic principles. Learn how product selection can and will impact the distribution of uniformity (DU),
precipitation rates, run times, and meeting evapotranspiration needs (ET).

10:10-11:45 ELECTRICAL TROUBLESHOOTING  w/ Jason Anderson & Andrew Inman, Inman Interwest

An overview of the diagnostic equipment available to quickly and efficiently solve your electrical problems
in the field. Where to start, finding lost valves, nicks and shorts, bad solenoids, 2-wire mili-amps & diagnostic
tools. Plan your attack!!

12:30-2:00 PUMP STUFF - w/Guy Collins & Lewis Melchor, Munro

Pump selection, pump protection, and pump relays. Learn how to select the right pump for the site. Feet
of head to pressure, suction and lift, intake filtration and foot valves, pump components- vanes, impellers,
volutes and why you need to know! Utilizing Munro's tools and resources.

2:10-3:15 MODERN ERA LANDSCAPE LIGHTING w/ Shawn Knudson, FX Luminaire

Learn how the evolution of LED lighting has impacted the landscaping world and how easy it is for you to
make money with it!! Design basics, product selection, wire sizing, transformers, lumens, watts. Flexibility
and control have never been this easy!!

3:15-4:45 FERTILIZER / CHEMICALS & PLANT NUTRITION w/ Rob Fustos, Great Basin Turf Products

Learn how your choice of Fertilizers and Chemicals can impact your maintenance shcedule and bottom
line. Field measurements and equipment calibration. Product selection and timing. Nitrogen sources, slow
release, quick release- when, where, and why.


8-2:15 IRRIGATION SYSTEM DYNAMICS w/ Noe Cruz, Rainbird

Evaluación del sitio: presión, galones, sol, sombra, pendiente, calidad y disponibilidad del agua. Cómo
aprovechar al máximo lo que un sitio tiene para ofrecer. Principios de diseño e hidráulicos: pérdida por
fricción, selección de productos, selección de boquillas, evapotranspiración (ET), distribución de Unifomity
(DU), tiempos de ejecución, programación. Una mirada integral a los sistemas de riego de principio a fin.

Site evaluaton - Pressure, gallons, sun, shade, slope, water quality and availibility. How to get the most
out of what a site has to give. Design and hydraulic principles- friction loss, product selection, nozzle
selection, Evapotranspiration (ET), Distribution of Unifomity (DU), runtimes, scheduling. A comprehensive
look at irrigation systems from beginning to end.

2:25-4:00 2-WIRE BASICS w/ Noe Cruz, Rainbird

Comprender las ventajas y desventajas de un sistema de 2 cables. Recuentos de estación (dirección),
comunicación, diseño y consideraciones de ruta de cableado, requisitos de conexión a tierra, empalme.
Estrategias comunes de resolución de problemas.

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of a 2-Wire system. Station (address) counts, communication,
design and wire path considerations, grounding requirements, splicing. Common troubleshooting