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Silver Creek University - Hailey

Image Silver Creek University - Hailey
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Date Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 8:00am - 4:00pm
Duration   8h

Class Descriptions and Schedule:

Monday, March 12


This class is designed as a guide for both new and

veteran professionals in the field.  We will cover the proper way to glue PVC fittings, clamp

fittings, strip wire, strip 2-wire and wire splices.  New products and “tricks of the trade” that add

speed and efficiency in the field will also be discussed.  How to winterize systems and re-start

them in the spring will round out this session.


Discussion with regard to uniformity, efficiency, check

valves, pressure regulation, hydro-zones, etc.  There is a push in the Wood River Valley for

municipalities to adopt an Irrigation Best Practices Checklist.  This class will bring you up to

speed in order to meet these requirements.


Tuesday, March 13


 Get educated (or refresh yourself) on the basics of pumps, filtration and backflow.  Centrifugal, vertical turbine, VFD, pond pumps and more are slated for discussion.  We will also cover filtration for pump stations, pond systems, drip systems, etc.  It looks like new backflow laws will go into effect this year.  Learn more about what this law means to you and your company.  Basic product overview, along with information on how to integrate these products into your business practice, will be covered.


Discover IrriGreen Genius Sprinklers!  This computerized sprinkler head is the talk of the industry right now.  Learn about how this installation at Travis's house in 2017 saved nearly 80,000 gallons of water.  We will also go over Irrigation Troubleshooting and cover both traditional systems and 2-wire systems.  Finally, we will introduce you to some of the products on the market that can help you find issues quickly and efficiently.


Wednesday, March 14


Design capacity delineates the number of gallons per minute as well as the pressure of an irrigation system which can be tricky to gauge.  We will demonstrate how to calculate this for metered city systems, unmetered systems and pump systems.  You will also learn to determine how many heads you can add to an existing system and as well as what type of heads to use once the GPM and PSI available are calculated.  Mastering design capacity will enable you to build quality irrigation systems with proper distribution uniformity (DU).


Drip Irrigation is still one of the fastest growing segments of our industry.  Learn the dos and don'ts of drip!  We will cover application rates, filtration, lite vs. grid design, etc.  You won't want to miss this class on Drip!


Thursday, March 15

8:00-12:00 – SMART CONTROLLERS AND CENTRAL CONTROL - With Special Guest Speaker Kodi Farnworth with Advanced Irrigation Solutions

This class is designed to show you some of the new SMART controllers that are on the market and demonstrate how these products can save your company money while making you look like a water saving genius in the process.  We will also discuss Central Control of some of these systems, giving you the ability to run sites remotely from your truck, office or even Hawaii!  Finally, we will talk about how flow management can help you save and control water on a site.


Discussion with regard to the big 3 when it comes to 2-wire systems.  We will go through what Hunter, Rain Bird and Baseline have to offer in the way of 2-wire systems.  We will also talk about 2-wire benefits and do some 2-wire troubleshooting in this class.  2-wire has many advantages over a traditionally wired system and we will discuss those advantages.


Friday, March 16


Baseline Systems are control systems that are very powerful and becoming the “go to” control systems for larger sites.  Baseline has many product offerings and this class will help explain those offerings so you can see if this product might be a good fit for some of your projects.  We will introduce Baseline's new training programs as well.


Baseline has one of the best Soil Moisture Sensors on the market today.  We will discuss the different watering strategies Baseline uses with their soil moisture sensors.  We will also talk about how Baseline can now use ET with their controllers.  BaseManager is the cloud based central control system that Baseline uses to control systems remotely.  We will show you that system and demonstrate ways it can save your company time and money.

Class size is Limited! Light Refreshments and Snacks will be Provided.

Please Register with Travis McBride by March 5th

via phone 208-420-7536 or email or fax information to 208-788-3402

Classes are free of charge