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Artificial Turf

½ hour – 1 ½ hours

Applications and Installation. Site Preparation and Product Selection. Measuring, Cutting, Seaming, Pinning, and In-filling.

Backflow Basics

½ hour – 1 hour

How backflow devices work and choosing the correct one for the job. Local code information and requirements. Installation basics and repair. Pressure Vacuum Breakers, Double Checks, Reduced Pressure Principles.

Drip & Subsurface Irrigation

½ hour – 2 hours

Dripperline, Point Source, and Sub-Surface Design and Installation Principles. Precipitation Rates and Soil Infiltration. Dripperline run lengths, Filtration, Friction loss, Pressure Regulation, Flush Valves, Air Relief, and Check Valves.

Electrical Troublshooting

½ hour – 2 hours

Learn how to use a volt meter and other tools to troubleshoot electrical problems common to irrigation systems. Controllers, ground vaults, wire tracing, tone and probe, valve locating, 2-wire milliamp diagnostics. Proper splicing techniques.


½ hour – 1 hour

The difference between disc, mesh, and micron. Selecting the right size filter based on flow and water quality. Understanding the importance of screen area and how to properly flush and clean the filter. How to effectively set up an auto flush system. Choosing the right filter for large systems.

Irrigation Audit

½ hour – 2 hours

Learn why knowing how to perform a site audit of an irrigation system can be a valuable tool for your company. Catch can placement and interpreting collected data. Turning relevant site information into profit opportunities.

Irrigation Hydraulics

½ hour – 2 hours

Learn how to maximize the gallons and pressure through efficient design principles. Product selection; from valves to nozzles, and understanding all of the factors that impact distribution uniformity, precipitation rates, run times, and scheduling.


½ hour – 2 hours

Reading pump curves. Converting Feet of Head to PSI. Understanding the elements that impact Total Dynamic Head; friction loss, system elevation, suction lift, pipe size, distance, intake pipe, foot valves. Pump selection. Pump protection and pump relay wiring. Pump pressure components; vanes, impellers, volutes.

Landscape Lighting

½ hour – 1 ½ hours

Understanding how the evolution of LED products impact design and product selection, wire sizing and transformers. Lumens, Watts, Halogen, Bullets, Spot, Well, Path, Integrated Lights, Photo Cells and Wire Splicing.

Water Features

½ hour – 2 hours

Selecting the right pump for the feature. Using helpful formulas to achieve the desired look, sound, and flow. Site Preparation, Measuring, Fountain Basins, Disappearing Features, Water Falls & Streams, EcoBlox, Vaults, Skimmers and Falls. Water feature maintenance products.

2 - Wire

½ hour – 2 hours

Understanding the differences between Hunter, Rain Bird, and baseline 2-Wire systems. Station counts, communication, decoder programming, and design considerations. common pitfalls in installation. Troubleshooting tools for quick, successful diagnosis and repair.

Fertilizer & Chemicals

½ hour – 2 hours

Learn how your choice of Fertilizers and Chemicals can impact your maintenance schedule and bottom line. Field measurements and equipment calibration. Product selection and timing. Nitrogen sources, slow release, quick release- when, where & why.

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